Speed variator

A transmission is a power transmission device used for speed control and torque management. A continuously variable transmission implemented by a transmission controls the output speed and torque of the engine. As the output speed of the engine increases, the gear ratio of the engine decreases, and the torque decreases accordingly. On the other hand, when the gear ratio and torque increase, the output speed of the machine decreases. By managing speed and gear ratios, the transmission maintains optimum efficiency of the engine while controlling the output speed of the machine.

 Description and running principles of the differential equipment

The transmission can be equipped on request with a device called a differential device capable of achieving an output speed equal to zero, although the transmission is run periodically.

Specifically, the differential device consists of a planetary gearbox immediately downstream of the transmission, consisting of two input connections and a kinematic output.

The two input connections are: a fixed speed, corresponding to one of the transmission input shafts, on the center pinion; a second variable speed, located on the spider of the differential, and feeds at the same speed as the transmission spider.

The basic components of a differential device are:
• The planets 14, which revolve around their own axis and at the same time around the axis of the differential as they mate and slide on the teeth of the gears. One of the central pinion and crown wheel with internal teeth.

• Spider 15, a component that connects the planets and rotates at the same speed; the star wheel of the differential is connected to the star wheel of the transmission and is driven by this star.

• Pinion with external teeth 13, rotating at the same input speed as the transmission.
• The crown wheel 16 with internal teeth, which rotates by cooperating with the planets, then transmits its motion to the output shaft 17 of the differential device.

The availability of zero speed is useful for maintenance operations on the unit without the need to electrically disconnect the transmission feed. Transmissions with differentials cannot be used to operate at particularly low speeds, because under these operating conditions there is practically no torque available.


  • High torque even at low revs: thanks to the high pressures that can be achieved
  • Wide range of speed changes: from zero to the speed of the motor
  • Can operate in corrosive environments: water, dust, temperature, acid
  • Long service life: no friction elements and less wear on components as they are always lubricated
  • Reliability: Speed adjustment is always precise, even after many years, as it is done by modifying the stroke of the piston
  • Cost-effective: long life cycle of connected components (no stress on the motor as it always runs at the same speed)
  • Simple: simple and intuitive adjustment, no programming required, easy installation and start-up

Design of Speed Variator

The design of the transmission is important in motor vehicles. This type of device controls the input and output speed of the gearbox. This type of transmission can be operated by handwheel or servo. This type of equipment also offers modular flexibility. Its components include a gear carrier, a damping mechanism and a motor.
There are several types of transmissions on the market. Common types of these devices include the VR series dry friction transmissions, which operate without oil. They are usually coupled with helical or worm gear boxes. The input and output sides of these devices are sealed to avoid any contamination. Another type of transmission is the VS series planetary transmission. It has the advantages of simple and easy speed adjustment.

Related settings

The main components of the transmission are already assembled. So the setup involves placing and fixing the transmission where it will run, connecting the input and output shafts to their matching components, and performing the electrical connections to the electric motor when needed. There are some strict rules to follow when setting up a derailleur:

Make sure that the transmission is operating in an environment that does not highlight any unexpected situations, such as: – Potentially explosive atmospheres; – Immersion in water or corrosive solutions; – Steam, or radiation.

◆ It is necessary to avoid or at least minimize narrowing and throttling in the air passages, especially the presence of heat sources located in the vicinity of the transmission, which can significantly affect the temperature of the cooling air. In addition, it is necessary to prevent insufficient air circulation, which may affect regular heat dissipation from hot transmission components.

◆ The derailleur has to be installed in a way to keep it from vibrations while it’s running. In fact, in addition to noise, vibrations can also cause other types of problems, such as the possible gradual loosening of connecting screws and increased loads on internal parts that are subject to fatigue stress.

◆ The fixing surfaces should be clean and have sufficient micro finishing to provide a good coefficient of friction. In screws and connection planes, self-locking stickers must be used.

◆ It is recommended to avoid assembly of cantilevered pinions as much as possible and to minimize chain and belt stress. Pins and positive stops are recommended if there is an external load.

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