Speed Variators

Mechanical variable speed drive max. 3 000 Nm

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High modularity

Compatible with a wide range of gearboxes for modular assembly of flanges, feet and torsion arms.
High versatility

7 sizes, more than 200 versions, with many different mounting positions.
high performance

Maximum input power 11 kW.
Maximum torque 3000 Nm.
Using a differential, it is possible to make the output speed zero while the motor is running.
High reliability

Rugged cast iron housing for heavy duty applications.
Planets and raceways are made of special steel 100Cr6 and are in an oil bath to ensure optimal conditions for the transmission of motion through friction.
Optional accessories

gravity indicator
speed indicator


  • High torque even at low revolutions: thanks to the high pressures that can be reached
  • Wide range of speed variation: from zero to that of the electric motor
  • Possibility of operating in aggressive environments: water, dust, temperature, acid
  • Long service life: there are no friction elements and the components are less subject to wear since they are always lubricated
  • Reliability: the speed adjustment is always precise even after many years because it is done by modifying the stroke of the pistons
  • Cost-effectiveness: long life cycle for the connected components (there is no stress on the electric motor because it is always running at the same speed)
  • Simplicity: Adjustment is simple and intuitive, no programming is needed, and it is easy to install and start