China Indoor Iron Electric Ultrasonic Insect Animal Bird Repeller with Plug worm reducer gearbox

Applicable Area: four hundred-600 ㎡
Time Utilised: Not Relevant
Product: Chicken Repeller
Use: animal control
Power Supply: electrical
Specification: 2-5 Pieces
Charger: Not Relevant
Point out: Reliable
Web Fat: 1-1.5kg
Fragrance: None
Pest Kind: Ants, Bats, Bed Bugs, Bees, Beetles, Birds, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Hornets, Mice, MOSQUITOES, Moths, Pill Bugs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Snakes, SPIDERS, Termites, versatile connector coupling joint Ticks, Borer
Characteristic: Sustainable
Product Quantity: ZN-1006
Packing: specific reward box packed
Product identify: ultrasonic animal repeller
Substance: Iron
Energy supply: AC 220-240V
Energy use: 5w
Audio Stress: 117dB
Efficient Variety: 500sqm
Edge: Computerized frequency variation, variable pace can be adjusted manually
Weight: 1.25kg
measurement: twenty.2*eleven.9*fifteen.6cm
Certificate: CE RoHS
Layout: Regular
Business Consumer: Department Shops, Tremendous Marketplaces, E-commerce Merchants
Year: All-Time
Packaging Particulars: ultrasonic animal repeller QTY for every carton: 4pcs Carton dimensions(cm): fifty.5×42.5×14.5cm N.W/G.W (KGS): 6.5kgs/7kgs QTY per 20′ FCL: 3596pcs QTY for each 40′ FCL: 7452pcs
Port: HangZhou,Hongkong, HangZhou

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    1. Large-powered ultrasonic speaker emits tremendous sturdy ultrasound. 2. It can instantly alter its frequencies and change its sweeping speeds 1-sixty occasions a audio. It is different from other pest repellers which turn out to be ineffective because of to pests’ adaptability to a one-frequency seem.3. It produce 3-dimensional ultrasonic waves to repel pests within their efficient ranges which protect any nooks in all instructions, horizontally and vertically.4. Sonic frequencies beneath 20kHz can be used outdoor to repel birds, stray cats or puppies and wild animals.

    Warranty Time 1 Yr
    Quality Manage We are manufacturing unit and have IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC. We also give buyer help if you want to have other agent to examine the goods.
    Customer design We have our very own advancement group and could personalize the item for you.

    Packing&Delivery Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Packaging:4pcs/CTNCarton size:50.5×42.5×14.5cmNW/GW:6.5kgs/7kgs20″FCL: 3596pcs40″FCL:7452pcs40HQ: 8000pcsUltrasonic Pest Repeller Shipping 1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL Airport/ Port receiving3. Buyers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping strategies!4. Shipping Time: 3-7 days for samples 3 Groove V Sheaves, SPZ Sheave 4OD 1-twelve groove Bore V-Belt Sheaves for V-Belt pulley 5-twenty five times for batch products. Organization Introduction Zolition Electronics Co., Ltd.(ZLX) was recognized in 2012. We are expert in producing pest management products. All our items are created based on the concerns of strength conserving, environment safety and efficiency. Our products can be divided into 2 principal classes: indoor use and outdoor use, including: Mosquito Killer, Mosquito Repeller, Cockroach Repeller, Ant Repeller, Bug Repeller, Mole Repeller, Mouse Repeller, Squirrel Repeller, Snake Repeller, Animal Repeller, Chicken Repeller and Insect Repeller, and so forth. Now manufacturing unit has 4 production strains to offer you OEM/ODM services. We have our very own advancement staff and our engineers have far more than 10 many years working encounter on this field. We can supply mildew design, technologies help to our clients. The QC crew has rigorous control on incoming merchandise, make, concluded items . “Attitude is every thing, and quality is the life” is our creed, we are looking CZPT to cooperating with you in potential! Pickup 2TR 3RZ engine Gearbox new product gearbox of 2TR 3RZ engine Advise Products FAQ Q: What We are? A: Zolition is a Pest Control products Manufacturing facility which is launched in 2012. We manufactures various varieties of vitality-saving and environmental pest repellers & electrical insect killers & animal repellers to defend your residence and yard from undesirable pests and animals.Q: Why US? A: As an seasoned maker, we had Top quality AND Cost benefits which investing firms will not have. We can have very great handle of our solution good quality to reduce your soon after-revenue service expense And extremely importantly, as a manufacturing unit, we can help you to handle the product price tag to make certain that you can have goods product sales in the aggressive market.Q.What is Zolition MOQ and shipping time?A: Underneath normal situation, our MOQ is 1000pcs, in accordance to diverse industry and customer’s need, production leadtime is twenty five times right after confirmed purchase.Q: What about Zolition’s solution guarantee?A: 1 years guarantee. If it is our merchandise high quality difficulties, we will take entire duty.Q: What is Zolition’s largely marketplace?A: Our primary marketplace is nearly all the nations around the world in Europe, North The united states, South America, the former Soviet Union, the Center East, Oceania, Southeast Asia.Q: No matter whether Zolition has the capabilities of study and growth and patent products?A: Sure. All goods are researched and produced by our possess engineer staff and have numerous patent merchandise.Q: What sort of certification does Zolition have?A: All of our products have CE & RoHS. And if you want GS & T sequence Agriculture Gearbox Agriculture Machinery Gearbox UL certification, it also can move. Meanwhile, we are provider of Wal-mart.


    What is a worm gear reducer?

    A worm gear reducer is a mechanical device that uses a worm gear and a worm to reduce the speed of a rotating shaft. The gear reducer can increase the output torque of the engine according to the gear ratio. This type of gear reducer is characterized by its flexibility and compact size. It also increases the strength and efficiency of the drive.

    Hollow shaft worm gear reducer

    The hollow shaft worm gear reducer is an additional output shaft connecting various motors and other gearboxes. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. Depending on size and scale, they can be used with gearboxes from 4GN to 5GX.
    Worm gear reducers are usually used in combination with helical gear reducers. The latter is mounted on the input side of the worm gear reducer and is a great way to reduce the speed of high output motors. The gear reducer has high efficiency, low speed operation, low noise, low vibration and low energy consumption.
    Worm gear reducers are made of hard steel or non-ferrous metals, increasing their efficiency. However, gears are not indestructible, and failure to keep running can cause the gear oil to rust or emulsify. This is due to moisture condensation that occurs during the operation and shutdown of the reducer. The assembly process and quality of the bearing are important factors to prevent condensation.
    Hollow shaft worm gear reducers can be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in machine tools, variable speed drives and automotive applications. However, they are not suitable for continuous operation. If you plan to use a hollow shaft worm gear reducer, be sure to choose the correct one according to your requirements.

    Double throat worm gear

    Worm gear reducers use a worm gear as the input gear. An electric motor or sprocket drives the worm, which is supported by anti-friction roller bearings. Worm gears are prone to wear due to the high friction in the gear teeth. This leads to corrosion of the confinement surfaces of the gears.
    The pitch diameter and working depth of the worm gear are important. The pitch circle diameter is the diameter of the imaginary circle in which the worm and the gear mesh. Working depth is the maximum amount of worm thread that extends into the backlash. Throat diameter is the diameter of the circle at the lowest point of the worm gear face.
    When the friction angle between the worm and the gear exceeds the lead angle of the worm, the worm gear is self-locking. This feature is useful for lifting equipment, but may be detrimental to systems that require reverse sensitivity. In these systems, the self-locking ability of the gears is a key limitation.
    The double throat worm gear provides the tightest connection between the worm and the gear. The worm gear must be installed correctly to ensure maximum efficiency. One way to install the worm gear assembly is through a keyway. The keyway prevents the shaft from rotating, which is critical for transmitting torque. Then attach the gear to the hub using the set screw.
    The axial and circumferential pitch of the worm gear should match the pitch diameter of the larger gear. Single-throat worm gears are single-threaded, and double-throat worm gears are double-throat. A single thread design advances one tooth, while a double thread design advances two teeth. The number of threads should match the number of mating gears.

    Self-locking function

    One of the most prominent features of a worm reducer is its self-locking function, which prevents the input and output shafts from being interchanged. The self-locking function is ideal for industrial applications where large gear reduction ratios are required without enlarging the gear box.
    The self-locking function of a worm reducer can be achieved by choosing the right type of worm gear. However, it should be noted that this feature is not available in all types of worm gear reducers. Worm gears are self-locking only when a specific speed ratio is reached. When the speed ratio is too small, the self-locking function will not work effectively.
    Self-locking status of a worm reducer is determined by the lead, pressure, and coefficient of friction. In the early twentieth century, cars had a tendency to pull the steering toward the side with a flat tire. A worm drive reduced this tendency by reducing frictional forces and transmitting steering force to the wheel, which aids in steering and reduces wear and tear.
    A self-locking worm reducer is a simple-machine with low mechanical efficiency. It is self-locking when the work at one end is greater than the work at the other. If the mechanical efficiency of a worm reducer is less than 50%, the friction will result in losses. In addition, the self-locking function is not applicable when the drive is reversed. This characteristic makes self-locking worm gears ideal for hoisting and lowering applications.
    Another feature of a worm reducer is its ability to reduce axially. Worm gears can be double-lead or single-lead, and it is possible to adjust their backlash to compensate for tooth wear.

    Heat generated by worm gears

    Worm gears generate considerable amounts of heat. It is essential to reduce this heat to improve the performance of the gears. This heat can be mitigated by designing the worms with smoother surfaces. In general, the speed at which worm gears mesh should be in the range of 20 to 24 rms.
    There are many approaches for calculating worm gear efficiency. However, no other approach uses an automatic approach to building the thermal network. The other methods either abstractly investigate the gearbox as an isothermal system or build the TNM statically. This paper describes a new method for automatically calculating heat balance and efficiency for worm gears.
    Heat generated by worm gears is a significant source of power loss. Worm gears are typically characterized by high sliding speeds in their tooth contacts, which causes high frictional heat and increased thermal stresses. As a result, accurate calculations are necessary to ensure optimal operation. In order to determine the efficiency of a gearbox system, manufacturers often use the simulation program WTplus to calculate heat loss and efficiency. The heat balance calculation is achieved by adding the no-load and load-dependent power losses of the gearbox.
    Worm gears require a special type of lubricant. A synthetic oil that is non-magnetic and has a low friction coefficient is used. However, the oil is only one of the options for lubricating worm gears. In order to extend the life of worm gears, you should also consider adding a natural additive to the lubricant.
    Worm gears can have a very high reduction ratio. They can achieve massive reductions with little effort, compared to conventional gearsets which require multiple reductions. Worm gears also have fewer moving parts and places for failure than conventional gears. One disadvantage of worm gears is that they are not reversible, which limits their efficiency.

    Size of worm gear reducer

    Worm gear reducers can be used to decrease the speed of a rotating shaft. They are usually designed with two shafts at right angles. The worm wheel acts as both the pinion and rack. The central cross section forms the boundary between the advancing and receding sides of the worm gear.
    The output gear of a worm gear reducer has a small diameter compared to the input gear. This allows for low-speed operation while producing a high-torque output. This makes worm gear reducers great for space-saving applications. They also have low initial costs.
    Worm gear reducers are one of the most popular types of speed reducers. They can be small and powerful and are often used in power transmission systems. These units can be used in elevators, conveyor belts, security gates, and medical equipment. Worm gearing is often found in small and large sized machines.
    Worm gears can also be adjusted. A dual-lead worm gear has a different lead on the left and right tooth surfaces. This allows for axial movement of the worm and can also be adjusted to reduce backlash. A backlash adjustment may be necessary as the worm wears down. In some cases, this backlash can be adjusted by adjusting the center distance between the worm gear.
    The size of worm gear reducer depends on its function. For example, if the worm gear is used to reduce the speed of an automobile, it should be a model that can be installed in a small car.

    China Indoor Iron Electric Ultrasonic Insect Animal Bird Repeller with Plug     worm reducer gearboxChina Indoor Iron Electric Ultrasonic Insect Animal Bird Repeller with Plug     worm reducer gearbox
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