China 140*140mm Square Glazed Variation Uneven Porcelain Handmade Wall Backsplash Tiles Blue For Modern Home Bar Interior Decor wheel and axle

Warranty: NONE
Floor Specification ( Unit:mm2): 140*140mm
After-sale Service: Return and Replacement
Texture: Solid
Style: Modern, Modern European style
Occasion: Interior Wall
Luster: GLOSSY
Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation
Application: Hotel, Bathroom, kitchen, shower, living room, hotel project
Design Style: Modern
Model Number: ZOC8602, ZOC8603
Size: 140*140mm
Material: Porcelain Tiles, Porcelain
Usage: Interior Tiles, Wall, backsplash, accent
Function: Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Wear-Resistant
Surface Treatment: Glazed Tiles
Color Family: Blues
Tile Type: ACCENTS, Wall Tiles
Water Absorption: <0.5%
Feature: Wear-resistant, stain-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean
Surface: Glossy glazed finish
Package: Carton+Wooden Pallet+Belt
Certificate: ISO9001
Special Features: Moulding surface
OEM Service: support
Packaging Details: 33Pieces/0.647QM/Carton, 72Cartons/Pallet, 20Pallets/Container; 13.5kg/Carton, 997.0kg/Pallet; Carton Size: 14.8×14.8×37.2cm

140*140mm Square Glazed Variation Uneven Porcelain Handmade Wall Backsplash Tiles Blue For Modern Home Bar Interior Decor

Brand NameMM-Mosaic
Model NumberZOC8202, ZOC8403, ZOC8602, ZOC8603, ZOC8704, ZOC8706, ZOC8905
Selling Point140x140mm moulding surface glazed porcelain tiles
Colorwhite, blue, red, green, orange, etc
MaterialsPremium porcelains
Size DetailsPiece size: 140*140mmThickness: 11.0mm
Net Weight/Sheet0.40kg
Surface ProcessGlossy glazed finish
Packing Details33Pieces/0.647QM/Carton, 72Cartons/Pallet, 20Pallets/Container; 13.5kg/Carton, 997.0kg/Pallet; Carton Size: 14.8×14.8×37.2cm
MOQno MOQ request, regular stock
Payment Term30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.
Delivery Time15 days after the payment is received.
You May Also Like Customer Projects Get inspiration from some of our customers’ on-going and finished project below. MM-Mosaic supplies wide range of mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial projects. Click to view more >> Click for more our customers’ projects >> Company Profile “MM-Mosaic” is a brand owned by “HangZhou ANT Buying Service Co., Limited“, which is registered in China mainland and Hongkong. “MM-Mosaic” focuses on supplying mosaic tiles products with good quality, considerate service and reasonable price to distributors, importers, projects and chain shops etc all over the world. We invested 1 production base and became the biggest shareholder in 2 mosaic factories. We have our own complete quality-control system. All exported products have been controlled and inspected in each step.Today we really hope we can set up long-term cooperation with new friends from all over the world and grow with them together. Client’s praise is the best prize for us. Your inquiries will be replied as soon as possible. We are glad to hear from you today. Our Showroom FAQ 1. Q: Where is your office? How far is it from HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Airport?A: It locates in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, about 1 hour by car from the airport.2. Q: What certificates do you possess?A: BV, CE, ilac-MRC, CNAS, MA, iqtc, HJ.3. Q: What are your payment terms?A: T/T, Paypal, L/C.4. Q: What are the main markets of your products?A: North America, Europe,Australia, East Aisa, etc. 5. Q:Do you participate exhibitions?A:Yes. Canton Fair(China), Coverings(US), Surface(US), Feicon Batimat(Brizal), etc.6. Q:Are you OEM or ODM?A:We provide both OEM and ODM service. For more details, contact us today!

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China 140*140mm Square Glazed Variation Uneven Porcelain Handmade Wall Backsplash Tiles Blue For Modern Home Bar Interior Decor     wheel and axleChina 140*140mm Square Glazed Variation Uneven Porcelain Handmade Wall Backsplash Tiles Blue For Modern Home Bar Interior Decor     wheel and axle
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